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Joe Paterno – Reference

Paterno: By The Book

Joe Paterno with Bernard Asbell (1989)

Donald Trump – Preface

Donald Trump, bigger than life and bigger than his own self-promotion. A personification of excess, still outliving and beating his detractors.

The fourteen rules below were originally published under the heading of “The Donald J. Trump School of Business and Management.”

Donald Trump – 1st of 14

Be a General –

I am the Chairman and president of the Trump Organization. I like saying that because it means a great deal to me. There are almost twenty thousand members of this organization at this point. I did a print ad once in which I declared, “I only work with the best.” That statement still stands,

More and more, I see that running a business is like being a general. Calling the shots carries a great deal of responsibility, not only for yourself, but for your troops. Your employees’ lives, to a large extent, are dependent on you and your decisions. Bad strategy can end up affecting a lot of people. This is where being a leader takes on a new dimension. Every decision you make is an important one, whether there are twenty thousand people working for you or just one.


Donald Trump – 2nd of 14

Stay Focused –

In the 1980s, I was riding high. After learning the essentials of real estate development from my father, Fred, a builder in Queens and Brooklyn, I’d become a major player in Manhattan.

In the late eighties, I lost focus. My lack of attention was killing my business.

But I learned my lesson. I work as hard today as I did when I was a young developer in the 1970s.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Stay focused.

Donald Trump – 3rd of 14

Maintain Your Momentum –

No matter how accomplished you are, no matter how well you think you know your business, you have to remain vigilant about the details of your field. You can’t get by on experience or smarts.

Momentum is something you have to work at to maintain.

Donald Trump – 4th of 14

Get a Great Assistant –

Surround yourself with people you can trust. I often say it’s good to be paranoid, but not when it comes to your home team.

Donald Trump – 5th of 14

Remember: The Buck Starts Here –

Set the standard. Don’t expect your employees to work harder than you do.

Winners see problems as just another way to prove themselves. Problems are never really hardships for them, and if you haven’t got any problems, then you must not have a business to run.


Donald Trump – 6th of 14

Don’t Equivocate –

If you equivocate, it’s an indication that you’re unsure of yourself and what you are doing. It’s also what politicians do all the time, and I find it inappropriate, insulting and condescending.

Donald Trump – 7th of 14

Ask Yourself Two Questions –

1. Is there any one who can do this better than I can?

That’s just another way of saying: Know yourself, and know your competition. If your competition is better than you are, you need to offer some quality they lack.

2. What am I pretending not to see?

We can all get swept up in the euphoria of a creative moment, or what former president Richard Nixon’s speechwriters used to call “the lift of a dream.” Before the dream lifts you into the clouds, make sure you’ve looked hard at the facts on the ground.

Donald Trump – 8th of 14

Bullshit Will Only Get  You So Far –

Although I’ve had to fire people from time to time, it’s not a big part of my job. I much prefer keeping loyal and hardworking people around as long as they’d like to be here.

Once I delayed firing someone for two years because this guy always had such a great line of bullshit every time I came close to the topic.

He managed to string me along for two solid years, and I believed him every time – or wanted to. Finally, I was forced to realize that his claims were bogus, but I gave him every chance before finally axing him.

Donald Trump – 9th of 14

Every New Hire Is a Gamble –

Some people give such great interviews that you’re  ready to make them vice presidents on the spot, until you realize that their true talent is simply giving a great interview. That’s why, in a sense, every new hire is a gamble.

Impressive credentials don’t always add up to a great performance. Nonexistent credentials don’t necessarily mean a no talent. Being circumspect helps a lot and keeps you  from being surprised. People can offer an interesting mix of pros and cons. Time will do the weeding for you. All you have to do is pay attention.

Donald Trump – 10th of 14

Ideas Are Welcome, but Make Sure You Have the Right One –

If you run a company, make yourself accessible to your employees. If they feel they can bring ideas to you, they will. If they feel they can’t, they won’t. You might miss out on a lot of good ideas, and pretty soon you might be missing a lot of employees.

I allow people to run their ideas by me. I don’t have a lot of time, so they have to be prepared and succinct.

Your boss’s time is important, and you won’t win any points by wasting it.

Donald Trump – 11th of 14

Focus on the Talent Instead of the Title –

Very often, your resources are greater than you might think. I don’t like it when people underestimate me, and I try not to underestimate anyone else, either. People are multifaceted, and it is important to let them function in a way that will allow them to shine. Most people would rather succeed than fail, but sometimes the leader has to be the catalyst for putting “success” into their vocabulary.

In other words, try to see beyond a person’s title. You can find talent in unlikely places.


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